Latex - The Best Choice for Your New Mattress

We are sometimes asked what type of mattress we’d recommend.  Although there are many good options in general our number one recommendation is a latex mattress.  Why latex?   In our opinion it “checks all the boxes” of the things to consider when investing in a new mattress.

A mattress should be comfortable; it should allow you to relax into your mattress without any pressure point issues.  A mattress should be supportive; it should keep your spine in proper alignments.  A mattress should be durable; it should be built to last for years and even decades to come.  And finally a mattress should be constructed of materials that are third-party certified for content.  The latex mattresses that we carry at the Healthy Bed Store deliver on all four of these categories.

In addition we believe that latex sleeps cooler, a year round advantage for some and definitely an added benefit for others during the hot months of summer.  The open cell construction of latex allows air to travel through the material and not get trapped underneath you. 

I’ve been sleeping on latex for years and although I’ve tried other materials I always return to a latex mattress.  You could say that “I put my money where my mouth is” when it comes to sharing the benefits of a latex mattress.

We invite you to come in and see for yourself the benefits of a latex mattress.  We carry our own private label latex mattresses and in our opinion two of the best latex mattresses in the business, Savvy Rest and Posh + Lavish. 

Savvy Rest is a leader in organic mattresses that are designed with you the consumer in mind.  They have worked tirelessly to compile with organic standards and do not engage in “green-washing”, the use of misleading claims regarding the level of organic materials or certifications.  And not only are their mattresses certified organic they are comfortable and supportive as well. 

A latex mattress is an investment in better health.  We welcome the opportunity to continue this conversation so call, click or come in soon.  We look forward to exploring if a latex mattress is right for you. 

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