Latex Mattresses: Get to Know the Three Different Types to Choose From

Latex mattresses are some of the most comfortable types of mattress material available. However, they are also one of the priciest. As such, when you go out to shop for one, you need to make sure you find the best one for your needs to get the most of your purchase. Knowing the different kinds of latex mattresses sold by mattress stores in Sacramento can help immensely toward that goal.

latex mattresses

Organic latex mattress

Organic latex mattresses are essentially made of sticky, milky sap from a rubber tree. The sap is collected via a process called tapping, which involves “wounding” the bark of a rubber tree and letting the sap flow into a container. Later, the collected sap is processed and made into the mattress material. As a product of living trees and a process that doesn’t involve cutting them, organic latex mattress are considered the most eco-friendly option.

Synthetic latex mattress

Synthetic means man-made. Synthetic latex mattresses are primarily made of a monomer such as styrene. This monomer is then combined with surfactants to produce a material that looks and feels like organic latex. Synthetic latex mattresses are more affordable than their organic counterparts, but they are still more expensive than most mattress options.

Blended latex mattress

Blended latex mattresses are usually made of 30 percent natural materials and 70 percent synthetic. However, the blend can go as high as 50 percent for the natural material. Blended latex mattresses are widely available, relatively affordable and offer the best of both worlds in terms of durability, quality and value.

Each type of mattress has advantages over the other—the key is to weigh which one of these options fits your needs perfectly. That said, organic latex mattresses are naturally the best option for those looking for utmost durability, quality and comfort and who don’t mind paying top dollar. However, if organic is beyond your budget, there are plenty of good synthetic and blended varieties available that won’t hurt your wallet as much.

In Sacramento, those looking for top quality mattresses to purchase regardless of material know that they can rely on quality bed vendors such as The Healthy Bed Store to deliver.


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