Know the Safety and Health Regulations for Organic Mattress Stores

Organic mattresses have become quite popular. Although many people purchase this type of mattress for the health benefits, not many consumers understand how to choose the right one. There is more to the benefits of organic mattresses than just finding an ‘organic’ tag in mattress stores in Sacramento. Knowing the types and the differences in materials can help buyers make an informed decision.

Understanding what Organic Mattresses Are

First off, it is important to understand what organic mattresses are exactly, and how they can help you sleep better. The term organic mattress refers to mattresses that have organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool in them. This means that the wool, latex, and cotton used in the mattress was cultivated using zero pesticides and were manufactured without any chemicals in the process.

safety and health regulations

Flame Resistant Standards

The 1633 fire retardant regulations imply that mattresses must have flame resistant chemicals in order to survive in flammable environments. Many consumers wonder how organic mattresses combat this situation since there are no chemicals used. Organic mattresses use organic wool mainly to comply with the 1633 fire retardant regulations. Again, no chemicals are used to enhance the flame resistant properties.

How Healthy are Organic Mattresses?

Considering that organic mattresses use no chemicals, the first thought that comes to mind is if they are able to provide you the same benefits that enhanced mattresses do. Organic mattresses are just as good at supporting the body and alleviating pressure. At the same time, they are able to regulate body temperature more effectively to give you a warm sleep during winter and a cool sleep during summer.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

When you invest in an organic mattress, you bring a commodity to your home that reduces your carbon footprint. Since these are made from organic materials, they do not release any toxins or harmful gases in the environment, giving you a better and healthier sleep.

When buying an organic mattress from a mattress sale in Sacramento or from other mattress stores, it is important to understand the many regulations that these mattresses need to comply with. Don’t be fooled by the tags on display. Be a smart shopper and know the difference.


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