It's a Stretch

One of the benefits of working at the Healthy Bed Store is that I’ve received helpful advice on many different aspects of getting a good night’s sleep.  Of course it starts with having the right mattress. But other factors came into play like sore tired muscles.

When I was a kid I couldn’t understand why my father would be sore after he played softball with us. He’d rubbed his arm and talk about muscle stiffness.  Back then I was clueless, but time has a way of catching up to us.  Now I understand all too well what my dad was talking about.

My first serious incident with overworked muscles came some years ago.  I hadn’t worked out for a while and was making up for lost time.  Early the next morning my hip muscles were in rebellion and sleep was impossibility. Thankfully after visiting my doctor and having several sessions with a knowledgeable physical therapist I had a new appreciation of how our muscles work.  I was given some stretching exercises to do and now knew to start back slowly when my exercise routine has been interrupted.

A decade later I learned the importance of routine stretching when I was talking with Wayne and Claudia, the owners of the Healthy Bed Store.  I had a great mattress but sometimes still woke up with minor aches and pains especially in the area of my overworked hip muscles. (Another view of muscle memory is that strained muscles have a memory and they hold a grudge.)   They both suggested stretching exercises. 


 I took their advice and bought a book on stretching. At first I stretched fairly frequently and really began to notice a difference.  I was feeling better during the day and sleeping better at night.  But as often happens my routine was interrupted and I became less diligent about doing my stretches. Not surprisingly my hip pain returned.

So now I’m making more of an effort to stretch at least four times a week, especially after I exercise.  Stretching has worked for me, although I do have to be careful that I stretch correctly.

If you are suffering from poor sleep due to muscle aches and pains we invite you into the Healthy Bed Store for a chat.  Wayne, the founder of the Healthy Bed Store is a formerly nationally certified therapist so we look at customers a little differently.  We not here just to sell mattresses, although that’s a big part of what we do.  More than that we are here to help you sleep better.

Thanks for reading this blog and for visiting our website.  Now we invite you into our store in the Broadstone Marketplace Center, Folsom, CA 95630.

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