Is Consistency the Key to Consistently Sleeping Better?

At the Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, California we believe in the importance of a good night sleep. Sleep is vital for good physical and mental health.  It’s really amazing how much we accomplish while sleeping when we are seemingly doing so little.

We often take sleep for granted except when we can’t sleep.  Then it becomes a matter of great importance.   Experts have many helpful tips on how to get a better night’s sleep.  One that was listed on several different sleep websites was keeping a consistent bedtime and a consistent wake time.  And surprisingly (at least to me) keeping a consistent wake time was even more important than a consistent bedtime.  That intrigued me.

I’ve learned the importance of consistency in learning a language or mastering a new skill or changing a habit.  However, for all its value, consistency had never been my strong suit. (I’m consistently inconsistent.) But too many sleepless nights convinced me it was worth a try.

It took several weeks to settle into a morning wake time.   I knew it had to be early enough to fit my weekly schedule but not so early that I’d be tempted to hit the snooze button again and again.  I finally found the right time (so to speak) and I’m pleased to say that the results have been encouraging.  And these encouraging results have kept me more consistent than I’ve been in quite a while.

I still have nights when it takes a while to fall asleep or stay asleep but overall I’m sleeping better than I have in years.  So based on my experience I would recommend a consistent sleep schedule. Of course this isn’t always easy or even possible when juggling multiple demands, but to the extent you can it may be worth a shot.

One thing that interferes with a consistent sleep schedule is an uncomfortable bed that wakes you up.  If your mattress is too uncomfortable it may even force you out of bed way before your alarm goes off.  If buying a new bed was not in the budget we have several more affordable memory foam options. 

Or if you hate to shop and are looking for a long-lasting mattress, we would recommend trying one of our latex or latex hybrid mattresses.  Latex checks the boxes for comfort, support and durability and latex mattresses tend to sleep cooler.

We consistently strive to assist our customers in finding the right memory foam or latex mattress and we're here to help.  Thanks for reading our blog and viewing our website.  If you're interested in a new mattress we invite you into our showroom in the Broadstone Marketplace Center, 2680 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, CA 95630.

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