Is a Split Head Mattress Right for You?

From time to time couples will come into our store looking for a new mattress and adjustable base because one of them needs to sleep elevated.  They’ve done their homework and know that propping their head up on pillows isn’t the solution because that will cause an unhealthy crimp in the neck.

Sometimes couples whose sleep style or needs vary will opt for a split King or split Cal King mattress.  In the case of a King it is literally two twin XL mattresses side by side.  The Cal King is similar but the split mattress is a little longer and not as wide as the twin XL.  The split allows couples to move independently of each other.  

Sometimes though when we solve one problem we create another.  Smart people call this unintended consequences.  In the case of a split bed, the couple may like being able to sleep at different elevations but dislike the “line of demarcation” that gives them this freedom.   Also while a split mattress has the same dimensions that line in the middle can make the bed seem smaller.  This is particularly true for a queen mattress, which is why split queens are hard to find.

Is there a way to have the necessary freedom of movement without sacrificing space or compromising the “cuddle factor” as it is sometimes called?  In our opinion the answer is yes.  The solution is to split the head but keep the bottom two-thirds of the mattress solid.  Recently Posh + Lavish, one of our top brands, announced that they would be making Split Head mattresses in Queen, King and Cal King in many of their most popular models.

Generally people will move the head more than the feet. The split is limited to the top one-third of the mattress and then a solid mattress after that. This allows couples to have the ability to elevate the head while keeping the rest of the mattress a solid piece.


From  Dimensions for a split head queen mattress

One additional challenge with a split head mattress is finding the proper sheets. However, as split heads grow in popularity so do bedding options.  It’s also important to choose an adjustable base that is compatible with your split head mattress.

As of this writing (August 2018) we’re still waiting on new products so if you are interested in a split head mattress you may want to call first to see what's in our showroom or is available for order.  Our phone number is (916) 351-0700.

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