Is a Customizable Mattress Right for You?

Like snowflakes we are all unique.  No two of us are exactly alike and therefore no one mattress is going to be right for everyone. Also as we age our existing mattress may no longer provide the comfort and support needed for a good night’s sleep. When shopping for mattresses, maybe she likes soft and he likes firm. Or, even the other way around. What’s a body to do?

At the Healthy Bed Store we’ve recognized for years the importance of individual comfort and support. That’s why we’ve carried customizable mattresses for almost a decade. 

At first blush the idea of designing your own mattress may seem a bit overwhelming.  But over the years we’ve worked with countless customers and we recognize the need to start with the basics and add from there. Not that we always keep it simple, because sometimes we get carried away by our own enthusiasm. 

Our customizable latex mattresses are comprised of separate individual layers that can be split in the middle to allow different firmness choices on both sides of the mattress.  The bottom or core layer is generally a firm bottom layer that holds your spine in proper alignment.  Then comfort layers are added to provide your body the surface cushioning it needs to relax.   Finally there is a fabric cover that literally holds it all together. That’s the basics, or you can think of it as the ABCs of mattress selection. Now we take this basic knowledge and help you select the layers that are right for you. 

We have several styles of customizable latex mattress.  If you are looking for an organic latex mattress we carry the Duo by OMI and the Serenity by SavvyRest.  Both the DUO and the Serenity are designed with three 3” layers of organic or natural latex.  Added to that is the woven organic cotton cover filled with organic wool as the flame barrier for a total height of 10”. 

A more recent addition to our customizable latex line-up is the popular Posh + Lavish CustomSides latex mattress.  This mattress is comprised of a 5” Core layer and two 2” comfort layers encased in a tencel-faced cover filled with premium wool. 

But our selection is not just limited to all latex layers.  We have spring mattresses that can also be customized. 

We invite you to come in and try a customizable mattress for yourself.  We’d suggest wearing comfortable clothes.  Some people even bring their own pillow.  Spend some time with us and we’ll help you discover if a customizable mattress is right for you.

We are located in the Broadstone Shopping Center in Folsom, CA.  Our phone number is (916) 351-0700.

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