Interested in a Side-Sleeper Pillow? You have options at the Healthy Bed Store

I recently came across an article proclaiming that everything is better when you sleep on your side.  I’m a side sleeper so that’s good news for me.  However, I’ve also read articles that promote the benefits of sleeping on your back.   Everyone it seems has an opinion on the best way to sleep. 

Research can be beneficial and interesting but at the end of the day (literally in this case) we adopt the sleep style that is right for us.  Or sometimes the one recommended by our doctor.  It’s believed that we may change our sleep position ten times during the night.  While we are sleeping we are too busy resting to control if we are on our side, stomach or back.  (Although researchers seem to agree that stomach sleeping is to be avoided.) 

But getting back to being a side-sleeper.  If this is you, we want to introduce you to our collection of pillows designed with the side-sleeper in mind.


When I first saw a side-sleeper pillow I was eager to give it a try.  With it’s crescent shape it reminded me of the moon.  It’s shaped that way to keep your head on the pillow and your shoulders on the mattress. It was indeed very comfortable.

We have several different styles of side sleeper pillows to choice from. The pillow shown above is our Healthy Bed Collection Side Sleeper Pillow.  Made with a filling of natural kapok and latex noodles encased in certified 100% organic cotton cover, these pillows are dust mite resistant and anti-microbial. 

Or if you prefer the feel of memory foam we offer the Malouf Shoulder Gel Dough® + Z™ Gel Pillow. Made from Gel-infused Dough® memory foam that cradles the head and neck to relieve pressure, while an ample layer of liquid Z™ Gel captures and distributes heat for a comfortable sleep temperature. The pillow is covered in a removable 100% Tencel® fiber cover that adds softness and moisture-wicking comfort.

Come in today to check out these or other models in our line of side sleeper pillows.  Or perhaps you like the idea of a side sleeper pillow but prefer the look of a more traditional soap shape pillows.   We carry pillows that can be scrunched (a technical term) to allow for a more comfortable fit for your head, neck and shoulders. 

We are located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center in Folsom, CA 95630.  Our phone number is 916.351.0700.    We look forward to hearing from you.

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