Interested in a Latex, Wool or Memory Foam Mattress Topper? Huge Selection at The Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, CA


People will walk by and notice our store and come in to ask about mattress toppers.  Usually they have an old mattress and are looking for a way to extend its life.   Unfortunately once a mattress breaks down a topper will not fix the problem and may even accentuate those peaks and valleys that we call body impressions.

In mattress construction the firmer bottom layer is designed to support the spine.  The softer top layer provides the comfort by allowing your body to relax into the mattress. That’s why once a mattress breaks down or becomes too soft a topper will not fix the problem.   Toppers are designed to provide additional comfort and not support.


Adding a topper works best on a mattress that provides proper support but is just too firm.   If Goldilocks carried a topper she could’ve used it on the too hard bed but not the too soft bed.  And, who knows maybe the just right bed could have been even more just right if such a thing is possible.

If you’re adding a topper to your existing mattress we’ll try to find a mattress that matches the feel of what you’re currently sleeping on because the underlying mattress affects the feel of the topper.   It’s also a good idea to use a pillow that is similar to the pillow you’re currently using.   

We recommend not rushing the topper decision.  Toppers are great but they are not returnable.  Taking a few extra minutes to find the right test mattress will assist you when you're selecting the topper that works best for you. 

In addition, we do have a few toppers that we use as loaners that you can take home and sleep on them for a few nights. A refundable deposit equal to the purchase price is required.

  We have a large selection of toppers in our store including:

  • Posh + Lavish 2” Plush Latex Topper
  • Posh + Lavish 2” Ultra Plush Latex Topper
  • Posh + Lavish 3” Plush Latex Topper
  • Posh + Lavish 2” Memory Foam Topper
  • Post + Lavish 3” Ultra Plush Latex Topper
  • OMI Wave Topper 3” Organic Sculpted Latex Topper
  • OMI Verona 2” Organic Latex Topper
  • OMI Woolsy ™ 3” Organic Wool and Cotton Topper
  • OMI Woolsy ™ Lite 1.5” Organic Wool and Cotton Topper
  • SavvyRest Vitality 3” Organic Latex Topper
  • SavvyRest Woolsy 3” Organic Wool and Cotton Topper

Thank you for visiting our website.   We hope you’ve found this information to be helpful. If you’re in the market for a topper we invite you to spend additional time with us and learn more about our topper selection.

Call us or come in soon.  We are located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center, Folsom, CA 95630.  Our phone number is 916.351.0700.

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