Important Questions to Ask When Determining If an Adjustable Bed Base Is Perfect for You

More and more people are becoming fond of adjustable bed bases because of their benefits. They are also becoming more easily available and more affordable. An adjustable bed base has the ability to change positions based on your needs. Through simple controls, you can adjust the bed in a more comfortable position. With this ability, it can help alleviate back pain, ease heartburn, improve breathing, combat snoring, asthma, and insomnia, and address other health problems and sleeping issues.

While an adjustable bed base sounds an ideal piece of furniture, you still have to make sure that its right for you based on your lifestyle and other factors.

Factors to Consider When Planning to Purchase an Adjustable Bed Base

Do You Have the Budget?

You may have to spend more on this type of bed compared to regular ones. While it may be pricier, a quality unit can last up to 20 years. The money you’ll spend may be well worth considering how long of a time it can help you. Also, there are more affordable options coming out on the market nowadays. Note: It’s not usually covered by insurance but you can try to list it under durable medical equipment.

What Furniture Are You Currently Using?

Adjustable beds usually work well with most bed frames and headboards. However, it may not go as efficiently with platform beds if they cannot carry the weight of the mattress and the base. It’s important to determine first whether the adjustable bed base can be integrated into your existing furniture before making a purchase. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it in its full potential.

You should also check whether your mattress will be good for the base. The most ideal option is a memory foam, latex, or other materials that can mold to the base. Innerspring mattress, for instance, aren’t recommended as it can damage the base.

Do You Know How to Set Up the Bed?

Adjustable bed bases have to be assembled, so make sure that you have the capacity to do it. If not, you need a manufacturer or bed store with the personnel that can help set the bed up for you, too.

Answering these questions will help you determine whether this type of bed is right for you. Knowing these will help avoid making a wrong buying decision.


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