The entry point to buying a mattress usually starts out at $300, but it can escalate to several thousand dollars in some cases. You may not have the budget to afford a new mattress at this time. If so, adding a mattress topper is also an option. With proper research, you can select an affordable topper that works best for your needs.

Key Aspects When Selecting an Effective Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Comfort and Softness

Price is an important consideration, but comfort and softness levels may be more important long-term. You want a topper that’s comfortable, no matter what position you end up sleeping at night. A memory foam mattress topper fits this bill, as the material concaves around your body and provides it with adequate support. You can lay on your side, back, or stomach feeling comfortable throughout the entire night.

Since everyone defines comfort differently, though, you need to try out different toppers in person. Lay on them and check their thickness, materials, and softness. Choose a topper that you find most comfortable, and don’t focus much on brand names.


If you want to make sure your mattress topper holds up for a long time, consider purchasing one with a warranty. If something happens at home and it loses its functionality, you can simply exchange it for a new one free of charge. You’ll save money and ensure quality sleep throughout the year.


Mattress toppers vary in size, so it’s important to choose wisely and consider the size of your bed. It needs to align perfectly so that your body is properly aligned as well. For example, if you have a queen size bed, you need a topper that covers the entire surface area. Take measurements of your bed before shopping to make sure you choose the right sized topper.

Noise Levels

It’s easy to have your sleep interrupted by your partner, especially when they toss and turn at night. That’s why you need to consider how loud or quiet the mattress topper is, which you can do with ease when you sit on them in person. Head to a mattress store and see which toppers are the quietist. Again, memory foam is a great option for this feature, and it’s a material that reduces the sensations of movement.

Mattress toppers are great additions to mattresses that are still in good condition, but just need a little help with their comfort. Consider your options and consult with mattress experts if you need help making the right decision.

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