Important Details to Know Before Getting Your Memory Foam Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial in being able to function throughout the rest of the day. What should be a time for recharging, however, sometimes end up being a source for soreness and other discomforts.

A major contributor for the quality of your sleep is your mattress. If it’s too lumpy, springy, or just plain old and moldy, it will be difficult for you to get the shuteye that you need to get fully recharged. Here are some tips you should consider.

memory foam mattress

Health-Friendly Materials

A good quality mattress not only affects your health by way of making it comfortable for you to get enough sleep, but also through the materials used for it as well. If you’re getting a memory foam mattress, for example, it is ideal to get one that is certified made without materials like mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

You may also want to ensure that it is made without any CFCs, formaldehyde, phthalates and other harmful ingredients that could cause health problems due to prolonged exposure.

Firmness and Back Support

With a poor quality bed, most people wake up feeling some soreness on their neck, lower back, and other parts of the body. If you want to avoid this overnight discomfort, give the mattress a good testing.

Don’t be easily swayed by spring count as this is not necessarily proof of mattress quality. Meanwhile, pillow-top mattresses are recommended for larger individuals for maximum comfort. Should you suffer from chronic back problems, on the other hand, make sure to get a mattress that is medium-firm or firm.

Other Mattress Considerations

Sleep position and habits also should be considered before committing to purchasing any mattress. For example, a soft and cushy memory foam mattress topper would be great for those who tend to sleep on their side. However, if you’re the type to sleep on your stomach, it would be much better to get a firm top surface instead. Otherwise, a memory foam would feel smothering instead of comforting. 

Because of the wide range of effects of a good mattress to your health and well-being, it becomes all the more important that you make a wise choice. Quality stores like The Healthy Bed Store offer products such as CertiPUR-USA®-certified mattresses, which makes them a sure choice for those who want the best sleeping comfort and experience.


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