How to Get Better Sleep—The Effects of a Nice Bed, an Adjustable Bed Base and More

How to Get Better Sleep—The Effects of a Nice Bed, an Adjustable Bed Base and More

A good night's sleep offers a great deal of benefits—it helps improve concentration, memory, agility and endurance. It recharges your body and prepares it for another stressful day. You can perform your daily chores and continue with your DLA more efficiently when you have enough sleep.

How to Get Better Sleep

Unfortunately, there are many things that can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep, including too much brightness, noisy neighborhood and poor personal hygiene. Following are simple tips that can help you get rid of these hindrances.


Reduce the Brightness in Your Room

Light can interfere with your ability to sleep. Although some people can’t sleep with the lights on, the majority prefer sleeping in a dimly lit, if not completely dark, room. You don’t really have to turn all the lights off; you just have to reduce their brightness to a level that your eyes can tolerate and not get distracted. If the light is coming from outside, consider installing a curtain or blinds to keep light out.


Soundproof Your Room

If you are living in the city or in a noisy neighborhood, or your room is adjacent to a highway, chances are you are always having trouble sleeping. You can solve this problem by simply soundproofing your room. There are several methods you can try, including adding mass or density to your walls, damping your windows with a special kind of glue, and sealing up air gaps with foam gaskets.


Choose a Bed with the Right Support

After sealing up your room from light and noise, it’s time to improve the most important element in your room—the bed. If you don’t have one already, buy a bed that has an adjustable bed base. This way, you can choose the degree of inclination that your body finds comfortable. Sometimes, your bed’s inclination is the culprit of your inability to sleep. With a sturdy adjustable bed, you can find the most relaxing position for each of your activities on the bed.


Choose the Right Mattress

Of course, your bed must be comfortable to sleep on if you want to experience restful sleep. Mattresses come in a wide range of materials, thickness, softness and textures. When choosing one, you have to test it at the shop before deciding to bring it home. Lie down with your partner and stay there for at least ten minutes. Feel its softness; find out how easily it can go back to its original shape after taking weight, and how the cushion makes your back feel.

To find the perfect bed and adjustable bed base, make sure to go to a trusted mattress store like Healthy Bed Store.



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