How important is a good night's sleep?


At the Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, CA we have many fine products on display but at the end of the day we sell sleep.  And sleep is now getting the attention that it deserves, at least in theory. Although we now know the importance of sleep many Americans don’t get the required amount of sleep.  In fact lack of sleep can even be seen as a by-product of a full life. 

Dr Nancy Foldvary Shaffer, the director of the Sleep Disorder Center at the Cleveland Clinic is seeking to change that perception.  In the following interview she notes that sleep is just as important as exercise and diet.

How can you know if you are not getting enough sleep?

  • Not feeling refreshed when you wake-up
  • Yawning frequently during the day
  • Feeling tired or sleepy during the day

If you have concerns about your sleep habits, Dr Shaffer suggested keeping a sleep diary.  It can be as simple as recording your bedtimes and wake times.  In fact one of her most effective tips is to set a bedtime and a wake time.

In this informative interview Dr. Shaffer discusses the basics of sleep and some common sleep problems, including sleep apnea and chronic insomnia.  The interview is lengthy but informative.

Interview with Dr. Nancy Foldvary Shaffer

We hope that you enjoyed learning more about sleep.  And if you old mattress is keeping you up at night we invite you in to try our line of high quality mattresses.  

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