How a Natural Latex or Memory Foam Mattress can Make a Huge Difference to People with Allergies

You may not be aware of it, but your bed is inhabited by millions of microscopic creatures—dust mites! Apart from these tiny critters, mold can also develop in a mattress. The combination of dust mites and molds can result in developing or worsening allergies and asthma

Dust mites are practically microscopic. It’s nearly impossible to kill them all; however, there are ways to reduce dust mite populations and even prevent them from colonizing your bed. Be mindful of how dust mites and mold can make you sick if you are sleeping on an old mattress. Also, learn how a natural latex or memory foam mattress can combat the instance of mattress-induced illnesses or flare-ups.

Customers Buy a New Mattress after Learning their Beds Make Them Ill

Mattress-Born Allergies

Dust mites may produce or exacerbate allergies and asthma. Dr. Lisa Ackerley, a home hygiene expert, explained that dust mites feed on the skin that humans shed, which usually happens while sleeping. She added that mites prefer warm environments, including the bed, where they quickly reproduce to as much as 10 million per mattress. Dust mites, in turn, produce waste and shed parts that can cause allergic reactions and colds. Dr. Ackerley noted that a majority of asthma cases may be due to dust mites. 

Mold, on the other hand, forms in a mattress when moisture into seeps into it. Your mere weight can trap the humidity that feeds mold. Once mold forms it releases spores that incite allergies. Some people who suffer from asthma also react to mold.

How a Natural Latex or Memory Foam Mattress Aids Users with Allergies

A natural latex or memory foam mattress contains materials incompatible with both dust mites and mold. Memory foam beds are composed of compact, man-made materials that increase mattress density and subsequently keep dust mites from penetrating and multiplying. Additionally, though memory foam is synthetic, the materials are designed to be safe and hypoallergenic.

Similar to memory foam, a natural latex bed contains the same dense composition that discourages dust mites from living in them. Furthermore, natural latex mattresses feature organic materials that tend to inhibit moisture, which is needed for mold to develop. In general, a mattress made of organic or synthetic materials lack the environment that sustains dust mites or mold.

If your allergies or asthma attacks are flaring up, cast your suspicions toward your old mattress. Consider buying a new natural latex bed or a memory foam mattress, both of which are free of the materials that welcome mold and dust mites. With these mattresses, your problems with dust mites may soon be over.

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