How a Mattress Sale Can Help With the Effects of Sleep Deprivation

For centuries, scientists have been baffled by the existence of sleep. They say that it doesn’t fit the fabric of evolution because it prevents procreation and exposes the sleeper to predatory attacks. The simplest explanation they can come up with is that sleep’s benefits outweigh its drawbacks. True enough, sleeping has many positive effects on a person’s health and wellbeing. To better understand the importance of having enough sleep, perhaps it would be better to first know what could happen if you don’t get enough sleep.

Statistics show that 35 percent of males and 39 percent of females in the United States experience sleep deprivation. The average American gets up to 6.8 hours of sleep per day, but if you compare it with data from a century ago where the average American slept for around 9 hours per day, you’ll realize that the problem has gone up to an alarming state. Here’s why no one should experience sleep deprivation.

  • Accidents. Sleep deprivation may lead to drowsy driving, which is one of the major causes of road traffic collision. Many accidents and injuries in the workplace, such as slips, trips, and falls or being caught in a moving machinery, also occur due to workers feeling sleepy or falling asleep completely while on duty.
  • Trouble with Concentration. It’s difficult to work optimally when you haven’t completed your 8-hour sleep regimen. When your brain still hasn’t fully recovered from the stresses of the previous day, you are likely to have trouble with concentration, creativity, and problem-solving.
  • Health Problems. Not having enough rest weakens your immune system, thereby exposing you to all sorts of infection. It’s also a known cause of elevated blood pressure levels and heart disease.
  • Mood Swings. One apparent sign that a person is having sleepless nights is when he or she is unusually irritable and quick-tempered toward small things. If you are exhibiting the same signs, you might want to consider finding ways to improve your sleep.
  • Weight Gain. Working out and keeping a balanced diet but still gaining weight? Well, your lack of sleep probably has to do with the fat buildup in your body.

While most cases of sleep deprivation are self-induced, meaning you voluntarily prevent yourself from sleeping, others have involuntary causes, such as bad practices before going to bed at night or a physical condition. One that is particularly neglected and has an immense effect on a person’s ability to sleep is using an uncomfortable bed. If sleep tips haven’t worked out for you so far, maybe it’s really your bed that needs fixing.

A high-quality mattress from a top supplier like The Healthy Bed Store can help you get to sleep faster and rest longer in a number of ways. For instance, it helps relax your body without causing the muscles from the area you are sleeping on to get pressed down on a hard surface. Unlike low-quality mattresses, however, the best products are neither too soft nor too hard, allowing your body to move and roll easily. As your body loses all the tension, your brain can now slowly shift to sleeping mode.

Sleep gets your mind and body ready for the daily challenges you need to face. Without it, many things in your life may suffer, including your health and career. Therefore, don’t hesitate when investing in sleep solutions. How can a mattress sale in Sacramento help? By lowering the cost to get a quality mattress or allowing you to upgrade to the model that you really want so you can get that needed good night’s rest.



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