Good for Growing Kids: Choose Only High-quality Mattresses for Them

Finding the ideal mattress for your child is no easy task.. In fact, you’ll find so many makes, models and styles of mattresses in Sacramento that even respected outfits like Consumer Reports refrain from making specific recommendations. However, there are ways to narrow down your search to find the right mattress for your little one. In addition, no one knows your child’s needs more than you, so you can better tailor your search to ensure you find the best fit.


This is one of the easiest ways to start your mattress hunt. Children begin small, so many parents choose a twin mattress. Yet this many not be the right direction. If you have enough space, think about getting a full-size mattress to make cuddling in bed with your child more comfortable, especially during nightly rituals like story time.

High quality mattresses

Does your child’s sleeping quarters double as a guest room? This should also inform your choice of a larger mattress. Box springs also come in different heights, so you may also consider a bunkie board to keep things lower. Finally, mattresses tend to last for around 10 years, so factor in the changes that will come as you choose your child’s new mattress.


In terms of popularity, traditional innerspring mattresses are some of the most common in the market, and it’s a good choice for many. However, other types of mattresses might be better for your child. A memory foam mattress in Sacramento, for instance, is ergonomic and encourages good sleeping posture. An organic latex mattress, on the other hand, is made out of organic raw materials and can help prevent allergies. These types vary greatly in terms of durability, comfort, and longevity, so take plenty of time to weigh their advantages before you make a final selection.


No matter how old your kid may be, children of all ages need mattresses that offer an adequate support system while remaining comfortable. Don’t just take the first one you find: try out the mattress and different sleeping positions to inform your evaluation. Better yet, it’s a great idea to get older kids involved in the process. Regardless of your final selection, make sure that the mattress provide maximum support so your little one can get a good night’s slumber as they continue to grow.


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