Getting an Adjustable Base Bed and Other Sleeping Tips for Couples

There are some people who would still be more comfortable sleeping on their own rather than have someone sleep beside them. This arrangement can be problematic for couples, though, when sharing a bed. Doing so, however, does not mean you’ll have to give up your personal space, or sacrifice your personal comforts.

Here are some things you can do to keep the peace even as you share your bed with another person—tossing and turning issues aside.

Let an Adjustable Base Bed Help Improve You and Your Partner’s Sleep

Get an Adjustable Base Bed

You’re familiar with this scenario altogether: you’re ready for some shuteye, but your partner still clearly isn’t, tossing and turning on their side of the bed. Inevitably, your attempts to fall asleep also fail. You tell them to please mind their movements, but even the littlest adjustment in their position and movements jolt you awake.

The same goes for those with partners who move around a lot in their sleep it’s hard to get a decent hour of sleep when you feel like you’re constantly being shaken.

By getting an adjustable base bed, you minimize, if not eliminate, the problem of having a toss-and-turner sleeping in the same bed. These adjustable base beds have their own pros and cons, but what makes it attractive is that it can be calibrated and repositioned to fit your comfort level—separately. If you want to lie down already but your partner would still want to stay up reading, they can simply adjust their side of the bed so they can be properly propped right up. This way, you can still enjoy your own space, essentially, even when there is another person sharing the bed with you. It’s a win-win for the both of you.


Wear an Eye Mask

Again, this comes in handy when you’re not exactly on the same page as to when lights out should be once and for all. If you’re ready for bed but your partner isn’t, it can certainly be a bother to still have a light source on even if it is on the other side of the bed from you. What you can do is to better block out the light source by wearing an eye mask. This should put you on the fast track to an REM-inducing kind of deep sleep.


Have Space to Get Out of Bed

As much as possible, you don’t want your movements restricted coming in and out of bed. If your side of the bed is too close to or even flush against the wall it’s going to cause a lot of disturbance to get in and out of bed.  To disturb your partner as little as possible, position your bed so that both sides have enough area for movement.

These are just some of the more practical tips you can employ for you to better enjoy a good night’s rest with your partner. To invest in adjustable base beds, head over to trusted mattress stores like The Healthy Bed Store.



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