Get a Better Night’s Sleep with an Adjustable Base Bed

You have tried almost everything in hopes of falling asleep easier, and you are tired of waking up exhausted. Maybe you are overlooking the cause of your sleep problems.

If you purchased your last mattress set right after your son or daughter was born, and you just dropped them off at the dorm, it's probably time to think about replacing your mattress.

Adjustable Base Bed: A Perfect Replacement for Your Old Non-Adjustable Mattress and Frame

The Life of Your Mattress

Even the best quality mattress should be replaced every seven to ten years. Consider replacing your mattress if you have had it for more than a decade, or if you notice any of the following problems:

Signs of Wear

Take a look at your bare mattress set. Look for any signs of wear, such as a sag in the center of the bed. Look for deep body impressions. Take a look at the edges for any signs of sloping. A misshapen mattress could be the reason you are not sleeping well.

Movement Disturbs You

Depending on your current style of mattress, your partner's movements could be interrupting your sleep cycles. You may benefit from a mattress style that limits motion. There are many on the market, with memory foam leading the way on motion transfer reduction.

You Sleep Better Away from Your Bed

If you sleep better on your sofa than you do in your bed, or if you felt more rested after sleeping in a hotel, you definitely should start testing a few mattress options. The sags and dips in your old mattress are getting in the way of a good night's sleep.

You Wake Up with Pain

If you wake up tired and feeling worse than when you went to bed, this could indicate that your mattress set needs replacing. Sleeping is not supposed to cause pain.

You Are over 40

There are subtle changes to the body as people age. Some people lose weight; some people gain. Your body may also respond to pressure differently. You may want to change your mattress as your figure changes. Any changes to the shape of your frame will change the type of support you need to get the best quality sleep.

When it’s time to replace your mattress, consider pairing it with an adjustable base.

Not only great for relaxing, an adjustable base bed is a practical solution when acid reflux, swollen legs, breathing problems (including snoring) or back pain threaten to spoil another night’s rest. A new mattress with an adjustable base bed may be the solution to your sleep problems. Just make sure to purchase one from a reputable mattress store, such as Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, CA.


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