Free Adjustable Base Sold Out? Not so Fast...

Oh the games the big mattress store chains play! During every major holiday, the big mattress chains will have a "free adjustable base with mattress purchase". They may even say " we were sold out last holiday".

The purpose of this kind of promotion is to get you in the door - we're doing it too. But what we don't do is bait and switch.

So... you are on your way to the big mattress chain store dreaming of this wonderful new adjustable base and the comfort and the massage that it will provide. But once you arrive, you find out it is just a bare-bones model and there is no way you would put that in your bedroom.

But... you are in the store. It succeeded.

Now it is time for the sales consultant to show you the more expensive models that is more like what you wanted with the features you will use. Granted, they (hopefully?) will give you a credit of the promo bases towards the more expensive bases (we do!).

Maybe you decided that you are fine with the free adjustable base model that they are giving away. Shortly before the delivery, they call to tell you they are all of a sudden "sold out". They now will tell you they have a better model in stock for just a few hundred dollars more.

The truth is that they are never "sold out". Adjustable base manufactures like Leggett & Platt, Reverie and others keep a huge inventory of bases in regional warehouses and stores can receive them in 2-3 days. Major chain stores sometimes purchase adjustable bases by the container straight from the factory. The reality is that if a major mattress store chain becomes "sold out" with their container inventory, a simple phone call from their office will have more bases on their way to their warehouse the next day.

So... if you make a purchase at a major mattress chain store and they want to play this game with you, give us a call. We can order the same "sold out" base and have it ready for delivery to 3-4 days. The Healthy Bed Store is located at 2690 East Bidwell Street in Folsom, CA. and our phone number is 916-351-0700.   

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