Four Important Reasons to Purchase a Firmer Mattress for Your Bed

A mattress can be a substantial investment. That’s why there’s so many factors that one must consider when buying one. What material should the mattress be? How much should I pay for it?

But there’s one concern that everyone intending to buy mattresses in Sacramento asks: how firm should my bed be?

While the answer often boils down to personal preference, there are a few reasons why you might want to buy a firmer mattress this time around.

purchase firmer mattress

More Restful Sleep

Many people associate softness with comfort, and tend to think that a cushy bed offers the ultimate in luxurious sleeping. However, a softer mattress can sag when you lie on them, which may force you into an uncomfortable sleeping position. Firmer mattresses, on the other hand, have less give, providing more support and thus promoting more comfortable sleep.

Better for Your Back

Firmer mattress provides more resistance to your weight, which can be beneficial to people with back pain. By offering more support to your neck and back during sleep, your spine is better able to maintain its natural and neutral shape. Not only does this reduce the discomfort of existing back pains, but it also prevents you from waking up with a sore back. Of course, be sure to consult your mattress-buying decisions with your doctor first.

Optimal Blood Circulation

Sleeping on a firmer bed means that your bones bear most of your body’s weight, which is their intended function. This allows your muscles and arteries to relax more, resulting in better blood circulation. And better blood circulation is conducive to better sleep as well as better overall health.

Breathe Easy

A soft bed causes the back to collapse. When this happens, the lungs also collapse, making it harder to breathe. Shallow breathing can have a serious effect on sleep quality as it can interrupt your rest. And if you have chronic respiratory conditions, a softer mattress may aggravate symptoms.

Of course, a firm mattress is not the universal answer. For instance, some studies suggest that sleeping on a softer mattress resulted in better lower back pain alleviation.

If you need more guidance on this matter, proceed to a mattress store and ask the staff for different mattress options, and their pros and cons.


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