Finding the Right Mattress for Severe Back Pain at Your Local Mattress Stores

If you’re experiencing a lot of neck and back problems, a possible culprit is your mattress. It may have seen better days and an upgrade may be just what the doctor ordered. It’s generally recommended to replace your mattress every eight years. To reap the full benefits of a new mattress, though, you need to choose correctly.

Finding the Right Mattress for Chronic Back Pain from Mattress Stores

Talk to Your Doctor

A valuable source of information for back problems is your doctor. See what type of mattress he would recommend. You may have a specific medical problem, for example, that requires a particular type of mattress.

Stomach sleepers tend to do better with firm mattresses that keep them lifted, while side sleepers may do better with a softer mattress because it cushions the shoulders and hips.

Test Different Mattresses

Performing research helps narrow down your mattress choices, but the only way to know which mattress is the right fit is to test them. Go into mattress stores and lay on mattresses for several minutes. What sensations do they provide and what features do they have?

If you’ve narrowed it down to two or three, consider features and price. Choose a mattress that you believe will work out long-term and provides the best value, without putting too much emphasis on brand name. Sometimes hype doesn’t always equate to a good night of sleep.

Consider an Adjustable Bed

Having chronic back pain makes it difficult for you to get out of bed. Adjustable beds facilitate this process and let you customize how you want to sleep. Before going to bed, you may enjoy activities like reading or writing. These beds allow you to perform such activities effortlessly and comfortably.

Having an adjustable bed can also help you alleviate other health

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cluding sleep apnea, snoring, and acid reflux. These beds are easy to use and generally have controls on the side, which you can customize depending on your preferences.


Consult with Your Partner

If you share a bed with your significant other, you’ll want to consult with them as well. They need to be just as happy with the mattress and its comfort, after all. Try to list out mattress preferences before heading to a store so that both of you are on the same page.

There are so many attributes to consider when choosing the perfect bed, especially one that’s designed for back problems. Take your time with this process and feel free to consult with experts at your local mattress stores, who can recommend mattresses that have the features you’re looking for.

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