Finding a replacement for a favorite product

As we all know we live in a world where things are changing rapidly.  The most obvious is how much technology has changed our lives.  People no longer have land lines or buy DVDs.  Now we talk on our cell phones, stream videos and stay connected via social media (or unsocial media depending on your perspective).

I know people who were determined to avoid smart phones at any cost continuing instead to use a beloved flip phone.   But now even those technological holdouts are using their Apple or Android phones and enjoying its many conveniences.  

Products at the Healthy Bed Store can change as well.  We carefully select our vendors because we know that continuity benefits us all, but sometimes circumstances change and we need to make adjustments in our product line.

But maybe you’re thinking I like my old pillow, mattress, bed frame or sheets and want another one just like it.  You’ve searched our website and can’t locate it anywhere.   Does that mean we can’t help you? We hope not, or at least we’d like to give it a shot.  In some cases we may still be able to order from the manufacturer.  If you give us a little time we can investigate our options and report back to you.

Or perhaps you have the time and determination to come in to see if you can find a new version of your much-loved product.  In our store we see this most often with people looking to replace a favorite pillow.  We have an extensive collection of pillows and sometimes a replacement is found.  Other times nothing feels right.  Although we could have made several  recommendations we know that sometimes you need to exhaust your options before making a change.

If you brought a product from us that is no longer in production, we may be able to suggest a similar product.  We know that you’ll want to determine for yourself if the replacement is really as good as the original and we would encourage you to do so, especially if the product is not returnable.  Change is inevitable.  For example I’ve never been able to buy the same phone case twice.  But each time I’ve actually bought something better and in the end was happier with my purchase.

 Whether you are looking for a replacement mattress, foundation, bed frame, or bedding we are here to help.  We located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center.  Our street address is 2690 East Bidwell, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630.  Our phone number is 916-351-0700.  We’ll do what we can to help you find the right product to replace your old favorite.


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