Find a Mattress in Sacramento that Will Give You the Sleep You Deserve

As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about a third of American adults don’t get enough sleep. While medical experts recommend getting at least seven hours of sleep, the task may seem impossible to many. Perhaps they’re too exhausted, have a lot on their minds, have existing medical ailments, or they just have the wrong mattress in their bedrooms.

Better Sleep Starts with the Right Mattress

The National Sleep Foundation reported in their survey that a huge percentage of Americans admit that a mattress can make big difference in their sleep habits. Other studies have found that spending restless nights on an uncomfy mattress can contribute to obesity and elevated levels of stress. Even more importantly, people with back pain need to have the correct support for their spine and joints whenever they retire for the night. For this reason, specially-designed foams made with high-quality materials, and with the proper firmness, are recommended to address the problems of back pain and poor sleep.

Getting a Chance at Better Sleep by Investing in the Right Mattress

Not Just the Type of Mattress

Aside from the support that mattresses offer, there are specialized beds that aim to relieve back pain and improve overall well-being. Adjustable beds have back rests and leg rests that can be lowered or raised depending on your preference. By just pushing a button or tapping on a tablet remote, you can achieve a position that is less strenuous on your back -- whether you’re reading a book, eating a meal in bed, or watching the TV.

Other Products that Aid in Sleep

Accessories that you can purchase for your bed can also make a big difference in the quality of sleep you’re getting. To be specific, a lot of people find trouble sleeping due to allergies caused by dust mites in their beddings and mattresses. To remedy this, you can opt for a mattress cover or protector that keeps your bed waterproof and also prevents the proliferation of unwanted dust mites. Pillows made with organic materials are safe to use and will not irritate your skin or respiratory tract.

Sometimes, people with muscle aches need hot or cold therapies to relieve tension and minimize discomfort. There are available therapeutic pads that you can use in bed to provide warmth or cooling as needed. For those who require ample neck support while sleeping, contoured pillows may also be purchased. To learn more, talk to a specialist as you search for the ideal mattress in Sacramento.


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