Features that Make Memory Foam Mattress Special

Features that Make Memory Foam Mattress Special

The memory foam mattress has become one of the most popular types of mattresses on the market today. It has come a long way from its origins of being made for NASA to deflect the tremendous effects of gravitational pull on astronauts during take-off, to becoming the material in bed you’re sleeping on in your home. This has become the mattress type of choice for many families, and for many good reasons.

Memory Foam Mattress Special

Adjusts to the Body’s Shape

Do you wake up with an aching neck or back? This can be caused from unknowingly sleeping in an uncomfortable position. It can also be caused by sleeping on a bed that is too hard. A memory foam bed remedies this by adjusting to your body’s shape, not the other way around. By doing this it provides relief to pressure points. Replacing your traditional bed with a memory foam mattress can keep body pain at bay.

Eliminates Motion Waves

Even in your sleep, your body can is still sensitive, especially for light sleepers.  Even slight movements can cause you wake up and disrupt your sleeping pattern. This includes the waves in the mattress produced when you or your partner make movements or stir in your sleep.  With a memory foam mattress, you can eliminate motion waves.  It is especially designed to absorb and isolate motion instead of transferring it throughout the bed. This way you can feel a calmer surface on your side of the bed.

Keeps Dust Mites at Bay

The last thing you need while resting on your bed is to think about tiny insects in your mattress or worse, on you. Unfortunately, most traditional mattress types, no matter how well-designed, are susceptible to a dust mite infestation. Cleaning your mattress can keep this from happening but most people will never clean their mattress, leaving replacing your bed as the only option when the infestation gest out of hand. Or, you can consider getting a memory foam mattress, which has a more dense structure that can effectively discourage dust mites from growing and laying eggs.

Makes Bed Adjustment a Breeze

Most mattresses don’t bend well. Even the soft ones easily deform when folded to a certain angle and don’t go back to their original shape. This is why they don’t work with adjustable bed bases. A memory foam mattress, on the other hand, being flexible and soft, makes a perfect match for adjustable beds. It can smoothly flex with the adjustable base and contour to the bed’s different positions.

These are only some of the beneficial features of a memory foam mattress. Visit the experts at a trusted mattress store like Healthy Bed Store to get more information and all of your questions answered. Get the good night’s sleep you’ve always wanted.



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