Do the Wave

At the Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, California when we say the Wave we aren’t talking about the synchronized crowd movement so popular at sporting events.  Rather we’re speaking about the Wave Pillow Top from OMI (Organic Mattresses, Inc.).  The Wave Pillow Top is a three-inch certified organic latex topper with a sculpted surface.  With a touch of whimsy the topper could be compared to a relief map with little hills running top to bottom and side to side.  It’s those little hills that give the Wave Pillow Top its pressure-relieving feel.

Most toppers are flat and that makes sense because most mattresses have a flat surface. But sometimes because of sleep style or wear and tear on the body more pressure relieving material is needed. This seems to be particularly true if you sleep on your side or are AARP eligible. 

If your existing mattress is generally in good shape without any dips or body impressions you can add the Wave Pillow Top to your current bed.  This means that you are getting the support you need from your underlying mattress but with too firm a feel.   The Wave Pillow Top gently conforms to your body providing additional cushioning. The sculpted top also has the benefit of allowing for a bit more air circulation, which can be a plus if you’re a hot sleeper.

The Wave Pillow Top is a top of the line topper (pun intended) but may be worth considering if the characteristics of this topper match what you are looking for.    Toppers are not returnable so we suggest coming into our store and seeing for yourself if the Wave Pillow Top may be right for you.  We’ll help you find a mattress that is most like your existing mattress to match the feel that you’d have a home.

The wave topper and all OMI products are handmade in their eco-factory in Northern California. OMI is a leader in organic mattresses and accessories.  They use only certified organic natural rubber latex and certified organic cotton to make The Wave Pillow Top.  Please note the Wave Pillow Top can only be spot cleaned so it is important to use a mattress protector.  OMI recommends their Certified Organic Cotton Flannel Mattress Pad.

We invite your into our store to try the Wave Pillow Top or any of our line of premium toppers. You may agree that once you’ve experienced the plush feel of a topper it’s hard to be without one.  Some people we know even travel with one whenever possible.

We’re located in the Broadstone Shopping Center at 2690 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, CA 95630.  Thanks for joining us in our version of The Wave.

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