Disappointed with online purchases? Try before you buy at The Healthy Bed Store

It sounds so easy, ordering a mattress from the comfort and privacy of your own home.  In just a few clicks and keystrokes the mattress of your dreams is on its way to your door.  Except what you thought would be comfortable and supportive turns you into Goldilocks checking the Internet again and again instead of the “Three Bears Cabin” for that just right mattress.  Perhaps those limited selection mattresses are really not right for you, with the image being far different than the reality.

May we suggest an alternative, especially if you’ve tried shopping online and have been disappointed.  Or you’re particular about what you buy and know that not just any mattress will do.  Come into the Healthy Bed Store and check out our line of mattresses.  We offer a variety of styles and prices with an emphasis on higher end premium mattresses that will help you sleep well for years to come.

Perhaps your online purchase is okay but needs a little something to turn it from okay into terrific.  May we suggest a topper, especially if your mattresses is too firm but is otherwise in good shape. A topper may be that extra layer of comfort that you need to avoid those pressure point issues that wake you up at night.

We also carry pillows, protectors, sheet and other soft goods that help you get a better night’s sleep.  And if you buy a mattress from the Healthy Bed Store you receive a lifetime 20% off on all these items.

We’re not saying never buy online.  We sell online and know that for some people they have a “happy ending” without the hassle. But if you like to know more about what you are buying, or talk with us about products, we invite you into our showroom. 

We make an effort to be informative without being confusing, and helpful without being pushy. After all you need the mattress or other sleep products that’s just right for you.

The Healthy Bed Store is located in Broadstone Marketplace, 2690 East Bidwell, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630.  You won’t find Goldilocks but we do have a big toy bear and a quality selection of mattresses.

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