Cooling Technology and Other Comfort Features Available at Your Organic and Natural Mattress Store

Nothing feels quite like the comfort of a bed that is just the right temperature. You don’t want a bed that gets too hot or too cold during the night. So what makes a bed cool and comfy?

Mattress Structure

There is no such thing as “the most comfortable mattress” because each person has their own unique preference when it comes to a mattress. Some like it plush, while others want it a little bit firm. This is why mattress manufacturers design and create a wide variety of products, each with a unique comfort level based on properties like plushness, breathability, and pressure point relief.

When you go to an organic and natural mattress store like The Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, CA, you’ll come across several types of beds - latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, inner spring and coil mattresses. Each of these mattress types possesses a set of special properties thanks to their unique material and structure, all of which contribute to sleeping comfort. You just have to pick one that you find most comfortable for you.

Cooling / Warming Technology

The best mattress brands usually have some features that conventional mattresses don’t have. One of these is cooling technology. Mattresses with cooling technology have their structure designed to match and adjust with your body’s natural heat.

Some materials, such as Celsion Talalay, have “phase changing” materials that can warm up a cool body or cool down a warm body. Talalay is the finest type of latex available.

Specialty Technology

Substances, such as gel, graphite, or even copper can be infused in the mattress core to increase its ability to absorb or wick away heat from the body.

Graphite, for instance, is widely known for its heat absorption properties. A latex mattress that is infused with graphite wicks moisture away from your body giving you a dry sleep. This is great if you’re room is warm, humid or you tend to sweat while sleeping.

To make sure that you get the most comfortable mattress so you sleep tight throughout the winter or summer, trust Sacramento’s store, The Healthy Bed Store.



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