Comparisons Abound —Can They Be Trusted?

You may have noticed as you click on websites of certain online mattress companies that they are very keen to compare their mattresses to that of their competitors.  After sorting through mounds of information the simple presentation of key categories can be very compelling. But buyer beware (or caveat emptor to make my Latin teacher happy) those charts don’t always tell the full story.


Let me give you an example.  BuymyBed (not its real name) rated three competitors in three categories.  Not surprisingly they were the only mattress to have check marks in all three categories.   More surprisingly their competitors didn’t have a single check mark between them.  Based solely on this high-level comparison BuymyBed would be the obvious choice. 

However, we carry one of the brands listed.   If I were checking the boxes this brand would be checked for organic latex and customizable layers.  They also have a 20-year pro-rated warranty.  Not quite a lifetime warranty but certainly one of value. 

Before you trust your hard-earned money to those companies that are so often at the top of your searches we’d suggest giving us a call.  We may be able to help you make sense of all that you are seeing. You would be correct to assume that we are loyal to the brands that we sell.  We’ve selected those brands for a reason and always welcome the opportunity to share with you the reasons why. 

We believe that selecting a mattress is more than just a question of checked boxes.  It really comes down to what is important to you.

A better night sleep



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