Combat Stress and Sleep Better with Help from a Memory Foam Mattress

This shouldn’t come as a surprise: about one-third of American adults don’t get enough sleep. While the ideal recommended amount of Z’s should be at least 7 hours per night, millions are not able to rest well enough. This inadequacy may lead to a host of complications, from unhealthy weight gain, hypertension, heart disease, and even poor mental health.

Are you among the millions of people who need to catch up on their forty winks? Find out why sleep is important for your physical and mental health, and learn about practices you can do to improve your sleep.

The Memory Foam Mattress: Keeping You Well-Rested and Stress-Free

Stress and Sleep

Research studies performed by the American Psychological Association (APA) recognize the strong connection between lack of sleep and stress. Around 45% of adults feel that they are more stressed whenever they sleep poorly the night before. As a result, these people tend to become sluggish, lazy, and fatigued.

When one is stressed from inadequate sleep, he is likely to feel more irritable, is unable to concentrate in work or school, and is less motivated to do other activities.

Importance of Sleep Quality

Even if someone sleeps more than 7 hours per night, it doesn’t necessarily translate to good quality sleep. The APA further found that around 42% of adults in the US report to having poor sleep quality, with only about 20% claiming they sleep well enough. Some positive indicators of this are being able to fall asleep within half an hour of retiring to bed, and not waking up suddenly in the middle of the night. At the same time, one can say he slept well if he wakes up feeling recharged in the morning.

What You Can Do

Some ways to help you doze of better include: not taking in any alcohol or caffeine in the late afternoon or evening, and establishing a regular time for tucking yourself in. Try to switch off electronic gadgets like the TV, laptop, or mobile phone 30 minutes before your scheduled bed time.

Besides adapting better sleep habits at home, you can find a smart solution by improving the quality of your mattress. Consider a memory foam mattress that offers medium-firm support to keep you comfortable and to alleviate any pressure from your back or joints. You will find that this mattress also maintains your body at the right temperatures, helping you to feel more rested for longer. Should you need more info about memory foam and other sleep options, consult with mattress experts today.


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