Check out a Mattress Sale near You and Find Relief from Nighttime Back Pain

Getting a restful night of sleep may seem impossible when you’re plagued with back pain. Even shifting your position slightly will make you feel uncomfortable and unsettled. If this is your case, you have company. Approximately 84% of adults in the U.S. experience some form of back pain on a daily basis. According to medical experts, the quality of the mattress you sleep on plays a crucial role in the level of discomfort you experience.

Perhaps it’s time to check out your options for a better bed at a local mattress sale in Sacramento. Shop with your partner or spouse, and feel free to test out each bed to help you evaluate your choices. If you need assistance, mattress specialists are on call to give you tips.

Visit a Mattress Sale and Weigh Your Options for Better Back Support

Knowing Your Mattress Types

Depending on your body type and the level of support you need, you can either pick an innerspring mattress, memory foam, or latex mattress.

Innerspring types offer excellent support for heavier people, and it makes it easier for those with back pain to get up every morning. On the other hand, memory foam hugs the contours of the body, offers temperature control, and applies the appropriate level of pressure on sensitive joints.

For sleepers who want a combo of support and true comfort, latex mattresses are the way to go. These mattresses are now made from naturally-derived materials, making them safe for every family member’s health.

Back Support for Children

Even when choosing mattresses for the little ones, parents should also consider the level of support for developing spines. There are mattresses specially sized to fit toddler beds and cribs. They are soft enough to be comfy, but with the right amount of firmness that doesn’t add stress to the child’s back. Made with safe and high-quality materials, these mattresses are sure to last for many years, supporting your child as he grows.

Accessories for Back Pain Relief

As you browse through your options at a mattress sale, you may also find bed accessories that lend comfort and a better sleep. Ergonomic lumbar and neck pillows offer additional support you may need, alleviating any strain as you sleep. You can also purchase therapeutic heating pads which you can use a few minutes before going to bed. These help increase circulation through your back and joints, thereby soothing them and relieving your pain.

If you would like to know more about how your mattress can set you free from back pain, then talk to the mattress experts at local stores. Make that life-changing decision to get started on sleeping healthier and better every night.


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