CertiPUR-US® Certified Memory Foam Mattresses Can Provide Better Sleep

Originally designed for NASA airplane seats, memory foams are now being used by millions of people worldwide, especially those in need of a good night’s sleep.

In a nutshell, memory foam molds to the body in response to heat and pressure and evenly distributes your body weight. This property of a memory foam mattress makes it ideal for sleeping, yet it could also be one of its biggest disadvantage.

The Trouble with Offgassing

You might smell a particularly chemical-based odor as you bring home a new memory foam mattress. That’s because memory foam can produce an odd chemical smell, an event commonly called offgassing. This is because many memory foam mattresses contain numerous chemicals, like flame retardants, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.

Manufacturers often recommend airing out the mattress for 24 hours before putting sheets on it, but some people might overlook this step. Worse, choosing the wrong memory foam mattress may even endanger the health of your loved one. Though reports of people experiencing nausea or other allergic-type reactions due to memory foam are scarce, the possibility of adverse effects cannot be ignored.

Opting for CertiPUR-US® Certified Memory Foam

With this in mind, some memory foam manufacturers have taken steps to ensure that their products are free from any harmful chemicals that may endanger the health of a person. Most of these products are CertiPUR-US® certified, which gives consumers reassurance that these have been analyzed by accredited testing laboratories for content, emissions, and durability.

The program was established after experts aired concerns on foam chemicals that may cause cancer or even genetic defects for unborn children. Foam producers all over the world are joining the CertiPUR-US® program as a way to reassure consumers that the memory foam mattress they produce aren’t substandard.

What are the qualities of a CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam mattress? These mattresses are tested and found to contain no ozone depleters, flame retardants, heavy metals, and formaldehyde. Furthermore, these memory foam mattresses contain a low level of volatile organic compound emissions, ensuring that these won’t affect your home’s indoor air quality.

If you’re in the market for memory foam mattresses, you can never go wrong with a CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam contained in the new mattresses offered by The Healthy Bed Store. Not only will you get to sleep comfortably, but you can also sleep soundly, knowing that your health wouldn’t be compromised.


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