Can you catch-up on Sleep? Perhaps but Expert Opinion Varies

Who hasn’t run what is called a sleep deficit?  There are busy times of year when everything seems to be coming at you at once.  There's work, family, and household chores just to name a few.

Sometimes we over-schedule ourselves and sometimes busyness just seems to happen.  Any way it occurs not getting enough sleep is a serious issue.  Although experts differ on whether or not you can catch up on sleep, they all agree that not getting enough sleep is a serious issue. 

I recently read an interesting article in National Geographic written by Michael Finkel Called “While We Sleep our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey”.   In the article Finkel mentioned that Thomas Edison thought that sleep was unnecessary and that we would outgrew our need for sleep.  Turns out that Edison understood electrical current much better than he understood how we as humans are wired.  Sleep is not a luxury is it a necessity.  Our bodies need sleep as much as we need air and food. 

If you overdraw your checking account you’d expect an overdraft fee from your bank. Continue to run a negative balance and the consequences would be even greater.  We understand that we shouldn’t overdraw our bank account but seem to be less concern about our sleep account.  Asleep at the Wheel may be a great name for a Western Swing Band but you don’t want to see that on a performance review.

At the Healthy Bed Store we believe we do more than sell beds, we sell sleep.  After all isn't that why you're reading this blog (and we thank you for doing so).  You’re interested in sleep and maybe worried because you know that Monday to Friday you’re running a sleep deficit.  We can’t help you with your schedule but we can assist if you are considering a new mattress, topper, adjustable base or bedding.

However, we want to help you make that sleep count.  If you waking up early because of pain you probably know that it’s time for a new mattress.  Or if you mattress resembles a mini-mountain range (called body impressions) you know that it’s time for a new mattress. 

Maybe you mattress is fine, just a little too firm.  It may be time to consider a topper and we have quite a few to choose from. Whatever you’re considering we invite you into our store. 

We’re located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center, 2690 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630.   Who knows we may even be playing Western Swing Music, line dancing optional.

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