Buying Latex Mattresses: Characteristics You Need to Assess for Quality Sleep

Latex mattresses seem to have made a roaring comeback, but why? They have been around ever since the 1920’s, but their popularity dwindled once the more affordable innerspring mattress was invented. Now, though, consumers are jumping back on the bandwagon. If you’re in the same boat, there are some buying decisions you need to make.

Foam Density

In terms of comfort and support provided, you’ll want to assess foam density. The unit of measurement most manufacturers use to rank density is ILD (Identification Load Deflection). Although this term sounds complicated, it’s actually pretty simple to understand. Basically, it means the amount of weight it takes to depress one inch of latex when one square foot of weight is used.

Key Qualities to Assess When Choosing High Quality Latex Mattresses

The higher the ILD, the more firm it will be. Keep this in mind when trying to select a latex mattress that matches your preferences. Even though you can compare ILD numbers online, it’s a good idea to try mattresses of different ILDs out in person. You can see how firm or soft each one is until you find the perfect match.

Structural Makeup

Not all latex mattresses are made from the same materials. Some, actually, are made from synthetic materials. They are designed to mimic natural latex. They may not last as long as natural latex, but they are a cost-effective option that still provides comfort.

Blended latex is a mixture of both natural and synthetic materials. This option is a little more expensive than pure synthetic, but it provides more comfort for your neck and back.

Natural latex mattresses are a little springier and conform around your body’s natural curves. The responsive surface is great for finding pressure relief and supporting sore body parts. Natural latex can also be made very soft and breathable, which is important for preventing moisture from building up and allowing bacteria to accumulate.

Cover Top

Along with your latex mattress, you should strongly consider getting a cotton cover to protect the surface. Cotton is both soft and breathable. It also helps you regulate your body temperature at night. Cotton covers are easy to clean should liquids and food get on them. Simply throw them in the washing machine and then give them time to fully dry.

If you’re in the market for a new latex mattress, consider its benefits and features. You’ll then know if this mattress option is a good fit for the long haul.


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