Benefits of Buying an Organic Mattress from a Local Organic Mattress Store

Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount for your mental and physical well-being. How well you sleep is often predicated on the type of mattress you have. If you think it’s time for an upgrade, consider an organic mattress. It can better your life long-term in many ways.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Having allergies can impede your sleep and the type of mattress you use may actually cause these symptoms to worsen. That’s what makes organic mattresses so great, as they are made from hypoallergenic materials that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Some of the most common hypoallergenic materials include wool and latex foam, which are produced in a healthier manner compared to traditional mattresses.

The Advantages of Buying a Mattress from an Organic Mattress Store

Different Types

You’re not limited on options when you decide to buy an organic mattress. Two of the most common are coil innerspring mattresses and natural rubber mattresses. The innerspring type is composed of metal coils, surrounded by natural wool that is thick and has exceptional insulating properties. This mattress is also quite soft and doesn’t irritate the skin at all. That’s good news for those with sensitive skin.

Rubber mattresses, on the other hand, feature a core made completely of rubber, similar to memory foam. It can support many body types and you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by others if they move. Just like innerspring mattresses, the rubber is surrounded by thick and comfortable wool.

Better Sleep

Compared to traditional mattresses, there is evidence that organic wool mattresses provide a better night of sleep. The wool feels great against the skin and helps keep you warm, no matter what the temperatures are like during winter months. Wool also can absorb any sweat coming from your body, helping you stay dry and comfortable.

Good for the Environment

If you care about the planet, you’ll be pleased to know that organic mattresses are better for the environment. They are made out of recyclable materials, including rubber and cotton, which prevent waste from building up at landfills.

Looking at natural rubber specifically, it is collected retrieved by tapping the sap out of a rubber tree. This method is sustainable since these trees have the unique ability to heal within an hour.

If you would like to learn more about this healthy mattress alternative, head to an organic mattress store to talk to one of their associates. They’ll provide insightful information that can help you choose the perfect mattress based on your sleeping needs and preferences.

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