Bedding Choices 101: Why Organic Mattresses are the Better Option

One of the best shifts you can make toward a healthier lifestyle is to go organic with your bedding choices. Many mattresses today are filled with polyurethane and other synthetic materials that are widely known to be carcinogenic. These potentially harmful synthetic materials can release toxic gases into the sleeping environment, which in the long term, can put your health at serious risk. That should give you pause and compel you to be careful and through with your mattress selection.

organic mattresses better option

A healthier option exists

Not all mattresses are created equal. There are organic mattress options available that are completely devoid of any harmful chemical, and instead use only materials approved by the most stringent organic textile standards set by prominent organizations like GREENGUARD, Global Organic Textile Standard and Global Organic Latex Standard in their manufacturing process. Every mattress that follows these standards will be made with organic raw materials and processed in a non-toxic manner.

Types of organic mattresses

There’s more than one type of organic mattress material. The most popular options include cotton, wool and latex. Organic cotton is a widely used mattress material and very affordable. Organic wool provides firm but comfortable support for painful joints. Organic latex is a very expensive mattress material, but it provides excellent ergonomic comfort and is extremely durable.

Each material has its own distinctive advantage, so if you’re having trouble deciding which one is best for you, you may need to talk to a bed expert and try out each one at your favorite organic mattress store before you arrive at a purchase decision. Whichever you choose, as long as you select a product that meets the highest organic standards, you are assured of a mattress that won’t be harmful to your health.

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