Bed Maintenance Tips from Mattress Sale Store Experts in Sacramento

A mattress is an investment. Like other essentials in your home, it has to be taken care of for it to last long and provide the comfort you seek. Owning it doesn’t stop the moment you buy it at the mattress sale in Sacramento. It is now your responsibility to clean and maintain it regularly.

If you don’t have any idea how to keep a mattress in good condition, it’s best to start with three basic keywords: support, protect, and wash.

Bed Maintenance Tips


A mattress needs ample support to retain the integrity of its materials. Choosing the right support depends on the kind of mattress you own. For instance, box springs are used for spring mattresses while a solid and firm support is necessary for memory foam and other specialty mattresses. Bed frames should be able to carry the weight of both the mattress and those who will sleep on it. You can consult with the manufacturer or an associate at the store as to the best support for the kind of bed you purchased.


Mattress protectors are also useful in keeping your mattress safe from spills, dust, and debris, among other elements that can cause damage or undue wear. Waterproof protectors are available, so you don’t have to worry if you spill your coffee. Protectors that are designed like a fitted sheet, however, make cleaning easier without compromising the comfort of sleepers.


Even if you’re using a mattress protector, it’s still best to wash bed linens regularly because sweat, oils, and skin as well as hair cells may collect to breed bacteria. Washing of bed sheets and blankets should be done every week or two. You may also want to avoid eating and snuggling with your pet on the bed because these could leave crumbs, hair, and saliva on your bed, making it unhygienic.

Looking for the bed that is best for you at mattress stores in Sacramento is just the first step in achieving a good night's rest. Maintenance is also important to retaining the qualities in your mattress that make it comfortable and beneficial to your sleep. After making a purchase, you may want to ask the manufacturer how to take care of the specific bed you bought. This way, you know exactly how to maintain the mattress based on its materials.


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