Are You Blaming Life For Your Lack Of Sleep?

Recently, a prominent politician blamed lack of sleep for his forgetfulness in recalling events and conversations with the President during last year’s presidential election. Perhaps you can sympathize with this man’s excuse.

There are few things in life that are true necessities. Of course, many things contribute to happiness and health but sleep, along with food and water, tops the list of things we truly need to survive. In the politician’s example above, lack of sleep during a very busy time affected his brain’s ability to properly process and catalog his daily activities and conversations.

In other words, his memory was permanently affected and he blamed lack of sleep for his poor memory. When our bodies and brain are deprived the minimum amounts of sleep it requires, other parts of our lives will suffer.

How we perform our jobs and daily functions, how we interact with friends, family and co-workers and how we feel throughout the day are all at risk if we’re not sleeping well. Of course, sleep is something we can help you with, especially if you still have that crappy bed from high school days. And, if you’re in the market for a new bed, now’s a great time as we still have some Black Friday Sale Specials going on. Thanks for reading and have a great sleep!

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