Are Sleep Tips Keeping you Awake?

Working at the Healthy Bed Store I’ve read some great sleep tips.  But when I go to share them with family and friends I notice that a glazed look starts to come over their eyes.  Their expression seems to suggest “been there, done that” and it didn’t work.  Does that mean that sleep tips aren’t helpful?  Probably not but in my opinion the key is finding what is right for you.

For me two things really seem to help me sleep better.  One is avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and evening.  The other is having my ceiling fan on low. For some reason that gentle breeze, especially in the warmer months helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. 

You’d think that I’d avoid caffeine on a daily basis and use my ceiling fan during the spring and summer months.  But sometimes I forget.  I’ll have caffeine late in the day and not even give it a thought until I’m awake at midnight wondering why I can’t sleep.  Or I go to bed without turning on my ceiling fan and only realize it when my restless mind turns over yet another subject.  My point in sharing this “slice of life” is to highlight that we’re busy and activities and habits can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. 

No matter how difficult it may be for you to sleep I think we all know that sleep is important. Sleep experts don’t agree on everything, but I haven’t read a sleep expert yet who feels that sleep is overrated.  So if you’re having troubling sleeping but are skeptical of the benefit of sleep tips let me suggest a different approach.  Assume that not all tips are going to work for you.  In fact maybe only a few apply to your situation. However, try following at least one tip and see if it doesn’t make a difference in the quality and quantity of your sleep.

SavvyRest ( has a very helpful article on their website.  It’s called “15 Tips to Help You Fall Asleep”


You may have seen some of the tips before you but there may be at least one that is new to you and is worth a try.


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