An Effective Guide When Purchasing Mattresses Designed for Your Baby

Buying a mattress for your baby warrants serious attention. Newborn babies spend a majority of their time sleeping so getting them a quality mattress is very important.

Look for Quality

Whatever type of mattress you choose for your baby, it needs to be high-quality. The material, be it wool or cotton, needs to be long-lasting and the structure needs to be sturdy. Otherwise, you risk upsetting your baby or having to replace the mattress more often.

The thicker the cushion, the more the mattress will weigh and the more comfort it can provide your baby. Think about purchasing puncture-resistant mattresses. These are extremely durable and can last, no matter what environments they’re exposed to.

Helpful Steps to Finding the Best Mattresses for Your Newborn Baby

Buy New

It’s a good idea to purchase baby mattresses that are new. This ensures the surface is sanitary, which is important for your baby who is trying to build up its immune system. Unfortunately, with used mattresses, liquids may have never been cleaned up. Then, bacteria can accumulate and mold can soon develop, ultimately affecting your baby’s respiratory system. Also with new mattresses, you can rest assured they’re in pristine condition. The mattress will support your baby’s weight and last for years, as long as you take good care of it.

Purchase a Cover

Along with your mattress, you should strongly consider purchasing a mattress cover. Babies are known for making messes, but at least with a cover you can protect the mattress and keep it clean.

Mattress covers vary as far as the materials they’re made out of. For easy cleaning, consider choosing a cotton mattress cover. You can simply put it in the washing machine when it gets too dirty. These covers are also lightweight and soft, attributes your baby will need to sleep soundly throughout the night.

You should choose a mattress cover that’s waterproof. Spilt liquids won’t get into the bed which can attract bacteria and cause mold to develop.

Assess Mattress Size

The Federal Government regulates the size for standard crib mattresses. The minimum size available is  27 ¼ x 51 ⅝. Whatever size you end up choosing, make sure it’s snug inside the crib. That way, the mattress can’t move from side to side and the baby won’t get stuck between the mattress and the crib. 

Purchasing the right baby mattress can determine how well your baby sleeps and how healthy they remain.


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