An Adjustable Bed Base Provides Comforts that Regular Bases Don’t

When it’s time to replace your mattress, you take a long time deciding what to get. Should you go for traditional beds or those made of organic materials? What should the size be? Will it it be a memory foam?

Of course, this is far from a bad thing, especially since you’ll be spending a third of your life sleeping. That being said, there’s one piece of the puzzle that many buyers overlook: their bed base. Far from just propping up your mattress, a good bed base will provide ample support for your mattress, which in turn gives you more a more peaceful night’s sleep. If you’re looking to upgrade your bed base along with your mattress, why not consider getting a high-quality adjustable bed base?

Adjustable Bed Base

Originally conceived for hospitals, adjustable bed bases allowed users to elevate either the upper body or the legs to promote better blood circulation, especially among surgery patients. This bed base, however, also offers many other benefits.

To begin with, it allows the spine to assume its natural, ergonomic position, so you won’t wake up with a sore back. Lying flat on your back also increases the tension in your muscles and joints, which may affect the restfulness of your sleep. As for those with acid reflux, sleeping with your torso slightly elevated can help prevent complications of this condition.

If this is the first time you’re buying such a bed base, here are some top considerations that you should take note of:

Ease of Operation

Elevating your mattress’ angle should be as simple as pushing a button. That’s why many high-end bed bases are remote controlled so you won’t have to get up just to adjust it.


If you go for a remote-controlled bed base, it will naturally be mechanized. However, pay close attention to how loud the whirring on the components are when elevating the bed. This factor is especially important if your spouse will be sharing the bed with you--you wouldn’t want to wake him or her each time you raise the bed!

Extra Features

Depending on the brand and model you get, a bed base can offer many convenience features. Some will have a built-in massager to help lull you into sleep. Others will have USB ports so you can charge your gadgets without plugging them to a wall socket. Some will also have dimmable lights beneath them that help illuminate the room without ruining its restful ambience.

Of course, buy your base only from trusted stores like The Healthy Bed Store, which also offers adjustable beds in Sacramento. With a wide collection of mattresses and bed bases, it’s your one stop shop for a good night’s rest.


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