Adjustable Beds in Sacramento: Out of the Hospital, Into the Home

Over the years, beds have changed dramatically. The very first beds were simple piles of soft organic material, like straw or leaves. As civilization developed and technology surged forward, the modern mattress eventually came to be. Since the middle of the 20th century beds have seen relatively little advancement. Today, beds come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and accessories. And after years of being restricted primarily to medical locations, the adjustable bed base is finally entering the homes of the common customer.

adjustable beds

Adjustable bed bases still service sleepers with medical needs in their homes, but more and more frequently healthy customers opt for these purely for customized comfort. Adjustable beds in the Sacramento area are not as common as traditional beds, but some mattress companies do offer them.

Keep In Mind

Adjustable bed bases differ from traditional beds in a number of significant ways. Most fundamentally, adjustable bases allow for elevation or declines in different parts of the bed. Common adjustments include an upward extension of the torso region of the bed as well as the elevation of the lower half to raise the feet up. Alterations to the position of the bed can alleviate a number of issues, from back pain to insomnia to an inability to sit up properly. It has become common knowledge that cheap, traditional mattresses do not facilitate restful sleep, and a lack of restful sleep has been proven to cause a variety of maladies and harmful health effects.

Customization has greatly improved on the problems of the traditional mattress, and the adjustable bed base can provide the specific, tailored bedding environment needed to provide optimal comfort and relaxation. Recent trends indicate that adjustable bed bases will continue to grow in popularity as technology develops, thus reducing the cost to purchase. At the moment, motorized bed bases are far more common, but advancements involving manual adjustment may make adjustable bed bases more usable and accessible, especially for older users.

Versatility with Variety

Most adjustable bed bases will now work with many different mattress types. Of course, the buyer must purchase the proper mattress size to fit the bed base, but beyond size, the options are numerous. Whether you’re interested in a firmer coiled mattress or a soft, sinking memory foam mattress, either should be compatible with the same sized adjustable bed base. This versatility appeals strongly to those interested in the environment as well as long-term health benefits: by fitting with any properly sized mattress, an adjustable bed base is compatible with organic, natural, and biodegradable mattress types.


Tips for Buying Adjustable Beds!

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