Adjustable Bed Base Can Provide Proven Health Benefits of a Massage

Let’s face it: Daily life isn’t exactly conducive to proper posture. After all, most of us spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk and up to a few hours each day hunched inside a car as well. Is it any wonder that most people deal with some form of back stress?

As you may know, massage therapy can do wonders to relieve the muscular tension that you feel in your lower back and neck. By increasing blood circulation in your muscles, massages can speed up recovery and effectively alleviate pain.

The good news is that you can now receive a full-body massage from a specially designed adjustable bed base, some of which employ pulse and wave technologies to massage your weary muscles. What are the benefits you can enjoy from regular massages? Following are just some of them.

Corrects Posture

First and foremost, a massage can help correct the damage done by years of bad posture. It can soothe and relax the muscles made sore by sitting and standing up the wrong way, which in turn enables your body to resume to a natural, pain-free posture.

Eases Depression and Anxiety

With all the responsibilities you juggle, it’s hard to feel fully relaxed when you hit the sack. However, massage is proven to help ease anxiety. In a study involving women diagnosed with breast cancer, subjects who received a massage three times a week reported being less depressed.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Contrary to popular belief, high blood pressure often has no symptoms, which is why doctors call it the silent killer. Studies have shown, however, that massage therapy can lower both systolic and diastolic pressure. Indeed, lower blood pressure helps protect the body from respiratory and cardiovascular complications, including heart attacks.

Improves the Immune System

Massage can also strengthen your body's resilience to infections. Clinical studies indicate that regular massage can increase the body’s cytotoxic capacity and its production of the so-called “natural killer cells” that destroy infected cells. If you’re down with the flu, for example, a massage session can help you kick the infection faster.

Given the breadth of benefits that massage offers, it shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for a special occasion or when something hurts. Luckily, certain adjustable beds in Sacramento allow you to enjoy these benefits anytime you wish.


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