Additions That Can Improve Your Adjustable Base Bed and Overall Sleep

Having an adjustable base bed is perfect for those looking to alleviate common health problems, such as acid reflux, sleep apnea and snoring. Even if you think you have the perfect adjustable base bed, though, there are still ways you can improve it.

Great Add-Ons You Can Incorporate Into Your Own Adjustable Base Bed

Memory Foam Toppers

If your adjustable bed is a little older, it may have lost some of its softness and comfort. Bringing it back to its original form is as easy as adding a memory foam topper. Because these toppers are soft and pliable, they easily bend with the movement of the bed.

This cost-effective bed improvement reduces bed motion, even if your partner tosses and turns at night. Because of this limited motion, these toppers are highly recommended by doctors and chiropractors for patients who have back and neck problems. They work by using a visco-elastic characteristic that allows the topper to conform to any pressure point on the body.

Even if your adjustable bed is firmer than most, these toppers enhance cushion and comfort. Some toppers are uniquely designed to allow cool air through, keeping you cool throughout the entire night. This is perfect for those who suffer from excessive heat or night sweats. Finally, sheets can easily be fitted over the mattress and topper, so it looks like a cohesive unit.

Organic Sateen Fabrics

Just as important as your bed are the fabrics you sleep on, including pillow cases, comforters, and bed sheets. If you’re looking for ultimate comfort that’s conducive to allergy-prone individuals, look for organic sateen fabrics. They don’t contain any substances that would trigger any of your allergies.

Because they are made out of cotton, they provide warmth at night. Their high thread count makes them extremely soft and resistant to mildew. They can even absorb sweat from your body, helping you stay dry and comfortable the entire night.

Buckwheat Pillows

You can give your adjustable base bed a pillow upgrade by using buckwheat pillows. Unlike traditional pillows, they do not collapse under the weight of your head. Instead, they conform perfectly according to your head’s shape, which helps get rid of any undue stress on your shoulders and neck.

If you’ve taken a liking to your practical adjustable base bed, you can enhance these experiences even more with the right bed additions. They’ll make each sleep as great as the next and help you feel energized in the morning.

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