About he Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, CA

The Healthy Bed Store was at a crossroads.  Our lease was up and it was time to decide if a brick and mortar store was still a viable option? Like almost every aspect of the retail sector the mattress industry has been changed by the Internet, with new products continually coming on-line.  Did we still have something to offer mattress shoppers in the greater Sacramento area with a physical presence and extensive showroom?  After considerable thought we decided that the answer was a resounding yes, but some changes were in order.

We knew that shoppers were still interested in mattresses constructed of third-party certified materials that provided comfort, support and durability.  In other words mattresses that would keep your spine in alignment without pressure point issues.  Mattresses made of materials that were tested for content, safety and emission and constructed to last.

These thoughts helped guide our decision-making.  We knew we wanted to stay in the Folsom area, but decided to move across the street to a space that is better suited to our needs.  It was also time to reexamine our product line and offer only the quality and selection that people have come to expect from the Healthy Bed Store.

After careful consideration we narrowed the mattresses we carry into three categories, premium latex mattresses, our own private label foam mattresses and our signature fit lifetime mattresses.   

We believe that a latex mattress, though at the higher end of the price spectrum, is still the best choice for purity, comfort, support and durability.  For those who see a new mattress as an investment in better sleep we carry the Posh + Lavish collection and certified organic customizable mattresses by Savvy Rest.  Not only are these some of the best mattresses on the market we know from experience that these companies stand behind their products.

We understand that for others price is a major consideration, so we designed a collection of foam and hybrid mattresses.  These mattresses are similar to what you may see on-line only better.  We’ve taken the lessons learned over the years to improve upon what’s available by adding certain features or choosing the best materials for the price.   We are extremely pleased with our products, and we offer the added bonus of being able to see for yourself how the various models look and feel.

Finally we decided that the time was right to expand our selection of customized mattresses and highlight one of its best features, its ability to last a lifetime with new layers that change with you    We have several different latex models to choose from.  We never tire of helping people find the right configuration, taking time to carefully explain the customizable options.

We are a family owned business, and we do our best to treat our customers the way we like to be treated.  That means we’ll give you information you need, share our opinions if asked, but also give you time to consider for yourself what works best for you.

We look forward to your visit.

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