A Customizable Organic Mattress from SavvyRest

When you come into the Healthy Bed Store we know that you are trusting us with one of the most important purchases you’ll make, your mattress.  That’s why we are careful about what brands we carry. You rightly expect us as experts in the mattress industry to select only those companies that make a quality product that has been third-party certified for durability, content, safety and emissions.

One brand that continues to clearly deliver on that standard is Savvy Rest.  Since its beginning in 2003, Savvy Rest has been committed to creating a healthy comfortable organic mattress.  Savvy Rest is not interested in chasing the latest fad, but has continued to do what they do best.  That is building a customizable certified organic mattress.

Savvy Rest believes that consumers have the right to be informed and demonstrates that commitment through an informative website full of blogs and videos.  They also believe that comfort and support are personal to each individual.

One of Savvy Rest’s most popular mattresses is the Serenity.  The Serenity is a 10” mattress comprised of three 3” layers of latex encased in an organic cotton cover.  You select the layers that are right for you.  And for queen size and larger the layers can be split to create a different feel for each side of the mattress.  This is a great option for couples that have different needs and preferences.


You can visit the Savvy Rest website and review their articles on how to choose your layers, as well as learn about the two types of latex, Dunlop and Talalay.  They also provide more information on their various certifications.  With that information you can then come into the store and try various configurations.

Or you can visit our store and learn from our knowledgeable sales staff.  They’ll help you choose the right combination of support and comfort.  Also natural latex is a durable material and that means that the mattress you are designing will last for many years to come.

Many people find the Serenity to be a very comfortable mattress without adding a topper. But if you prefer an even plusher feel there are several different Savvy Rest toppers to choose from. Or if you’ve selected an all Dunlop mattress but it seems a little too firm you might consider upgrading to a Talalay layer for an additional charge.

When you buy a Savvy Rest mattress you are making an investment in sleeping well.  Come see our selection of Savvy Rest and other fine mattresses.  We’re located in Folsom, California in the Broadstone Marketplace Center.

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