A Couple’s Complete Guide to Shopping Together at Mattress Stores

The right mattress is a deeply personal choice. Every person has their own preferences when it comes to the mattress’ firmness and the material used. 

As one might expect, the decision becomes even more complex when there’s a spouse or partner in the picture. Because you will share the bed with your significant other, you now have to satisfy not just your own needs, but theirs as well.

That being said, a couple can talk through the buying decision to ensure a win-win situation. Before going to a mattress sale, be sure to discuss the following matters.

couple's complete guide

The Bigger the Better

A lot of times, couples underestimate the amount of space they need when sleeping on the mattress. A sleeping person does a lot of involuntary movements, such as twisting and turning, or splaying out your arms and legs. If the mattress is too small, all this movement will likely disturb your partner and affect their quality of sleep. As such, it’s often a better idea to get the biggest mattress your budget (and room) will allow so you can enjoy all the space you want and need.

A Matter of Comfort

Many couples enter a stalemate when deciding how hard or firm the mattress should be—and this is a perfectly valid debate. For instance, one partner may have a back problem that necessitate a firmer mattress, which the other partner, unfortunately, does not like. The solution? Ask your mattress vendor if it's possible to customize your bed—one side can be given an extra padding or cushioning, making the mattress comfortable for both parties.

Discuss the Price

A mattress is often a huge investment, and you and your spouse or partner need to establish just how much you’re willing to spend on it. A cheaper option may be more suitable now, but there’s no guarantee it will last for the long run. A more expensive one, on the other hand, will cost more upfront, but tend to last longer due to higher quality materials.

By following these tips, couples can find a mattress that they can both fall in love with. And if you’re looking to replace your bed, remember to always purchase a new one from trusted mattress stores in Sacramento that have a wide variety of options to choose from.


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