Sleep Deprivation Is (Very) Bad, So Get A New Mattress And Sleep

One simply does not recognize the importance of sleep until they are deprived of it. Studies have shown that people used to sleep for 8 to 9 hours but that has now has come down to 6-7 hours a night. 

Due to the busy and hectic lifestyle that many people live today, it is not surprising that many people are regularly deprived of sleep and suffer from sleep problems. Millions of people power up by taking caffeine and although this may be good news to coffee industry, the same thing cannot be said about your body and brain. 


Sleep Deprivation


Just How Important Sleep (Really) Is 

Sleep is the time when your body repairs and heals. A lack of sleep leads to conditions such as increase in insulin levels, weight gain, depression, attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.), difficulties with learning and memory and other severe health conditions.

This can explain the spike in stress and emotional levels while at work. Sleep deprivation increases cortisol, also known as the infamous stress hormone, that kills brain cells in the memory and mood center called the hippocampus. Sleep deprivation can also cause erratic and unexplainable weight gain. The culprit behind this is the abnormally increased level of the hormone ghrelin that triggers the feeling of hunger. This may cause you to cave in to sugar despite your knowing better. 

How Can You Sleep More? 

They first step could be buying a new mattress from a Sacramento store especially if your bed is several years old. The mattresses you sleep on during your lifetime play a vital factor in getting a good sleep and being healthy in the long run. 

Many beds are manufactured with chemicals that are proven to be unhealthy. So you may want to try out an all-natural mattress. If you have allergies, a latex mattress is the best option for you. 

On a personal level, make a conscious effort to not bring your work home with you. This will help you to lower your stress and sleep better.  Those who make their beds an extension of their office are proven to get less sleep. When you’re in bed think of sleep and relaxation, that’s what it is for and it should stay that way. 

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