Organic Baby Mattress: Guaranteeing a Safer Sleep for Your Little Baby

Congratulations, you have a new addition to your family! One of the many things that a couple purchases to prepare for their newborn is a crib. It is a must-have and you want to select one that ensures the safety of your baby. Your safety concerns should also extend to the mattress you select for your baby’s crib. You should definitely consider choosing a chemical-free and organic mattress for your child. 


Baby on Mattress


Your Baby’s Mattress Dissected 

When selecting a mattress, sheets and pillows for the crib many parents consider the price, aesthetics and physical safety features such as a firm mattress to keep the baby from suffocating and not having an area where the baby can get stuck between the mattress and the frame.  They often don’t stop to consider that they may be choosing bedding, sheets or pillows that may have their infant breathing in volatile chemicals. This is not a good thing, especially during their development stage. 

A study conducted by a team of environmental engineering from a school in Texas found that some mattresses contain chemicals such as contal formadelhyde, benzene, toluene, perchlorethylene, acetone and limonene (a chemical that gives products a lemon scent are found in crib mattresses). 

Why Your Choice of Baby’s Crib Matters 

Infants significantly inhale higher air volume per body weight than adults and sleep a longer time. As a result, they experience 10 times as much inhalation exposure as adults. 

The best option is to buy an organic baby mattress. Switching to an organic mattress can be the difference between a fitful night to a good night sleep of your baby, not to mention healthier sleep. 

Since mattresses need to be inflammable, many contain chemicals that resist flames. Inhaling these is not something that can do anyone good in the long run. An organic crib mattress, on the other hand, is made of wool, latex or cotton. This keeps your baby from breathing in harmful chemicals. 

Your baby will only be a baby for a while so you want to give him the best chance to grow healthy and well. Starting out with a good mattress is a good start to your baby’s journey of development. 

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