Surprising Ways Your Mattress is Affecting Your Sleep and Your Life

Buying a mattress is an important decision and one that you expect to last for quite a while. Not many things can be more frustrating than having to replace a mattress quickly, so it’s one decision that you should make with utmost care. Simply choosing the right type of mattress for your needs can have numerous surprising effects on your life.

Surprising Mattress

Uncomfortable Sleep Means You Need a New Mattress

Ask anyone on the obvious signs that they need to have their mattresses replaced, and they will cite things like sticking springs or holes. Yet these aren’t the only reasons for you to replace your mattress, as simply having an uncomfortable sleep might necessitate a replacement. Buying a new mattress should be on your to-do list, especially if you find that you’re having a better sleep from somewhere other than your home.

Mattresses are Meant for Sleeping, Not Work

When you get a new mattress, make sure to use it for sleeping, and not as an extension of your office. According to experts, your brain becomes hardwired to expect answering work emails when you continue using your bed as a home office, making it increasingly difficult for you to fall asleep. Furthermore, electronics are better off away from your bed, as it also disrupts your brain’s natural bedtime mechanism.

A New Mattress can Reduce Your Stress

If you find yourself becoming more stressed every day, simply changing your mattress can bring you comfort. According to a 2009 study, people who slept for 28 nights in a newer mattress reported a significant decrease in stress levels. The researchers linked this with the increase in sleep quality.

Why Go for Organic Mattresses?

If you want a mattress that will provide you with a great night's rest and that won't disrupt you with annoying and strong chemical scents, then organic latex is the right material choice for you. Organic mattresses have a host of benefits. These types of mattresses are produced using components that are 100 percent natural. If you're not a fan of synthetic materials and potential hazardous chemicals, then going the organic route is undoubtedly for you.

Organic mattresses provide people with the luxury of breathability. If you want to sleep cozily on a mattress that feels nice and warm during the winter months and pleasantly cool during the summer months, then you'll adore an organic option.

If you're in the process of shopping for a good mattress anywhere in Sacramento, then consider organic latex mattresses offered by companies like The Healthy Bed Store. If you want to find the best mattress possible, take your time and avoid rushing your search.


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